Meet Aaron Green


I was 16 years old when I met Alan Carruth at a folk music festival that was being held at the high school I attended.

The festival was taking place during a school vacation, I found a flyer quite literally in the gutter while roaming around town.

I had never met a real live luthier, a rare and usually elusive creature... but saw one listed in the crafts exhibition hall. I snuck into the school, not having the money for admission and spent the next couple of days camped out at Al’s booth.

By the end of the festival I asked him to teach me and he did. Selflessly and with great patience. It was an incredible opportunity and one I am eternally grateful for. I was fortunate enough to study directly under Alan for 3 years though to this day I learn something from him every time we speak.

Early on in my apprenticeship I found myself drawn to the classical and flamenco guitar more than the steel-string guitars I had originally thought I wanted to build. To meet good players, I joined the Boston Classical Guitar Society and it was that which brought me to New York City in 1995 to pick up Dennis Koster for a concert he was playing in Boston.

I drove him to Boston, we hung out, he played a magnificent concert and I drove him home to NYC. Over the course of those few days I realized he was an incredible fount of knowledge and experience plus a heck of a nice guy. Not only has Dennis become one my best friends in life, he is one of my greatest supporters and mentors in the guitar.

Through him I have had access to innumerable examples of the finest historic maker’s work which I have studied closely over the years. This has been critical in my development as a luthier as well as having a world class performer critique my instruments as they come out. Through him I have met some of the world’s finest players of the instrument who have likewise furthered my understanding of how to create musical instruments with an emphasis on “musical”.

Though I am located in the woods of Groton Massachusetts i consider my career primarily New York City based. The finest guitars and the finest players can be found there and it has helped me develop as not only a guitar-maker, but facilitates my efforts in the restoration and dealing of fine vintage instruments.



"The pinnacle of the guitar world. " — Guitar Connoisseur

"His craft is music to the ears. " — Boston Globe

This magnificent instrument has been hidden away in a private collection for almost 60 years and has now been entrusted by the owner’s family to Green for sale" — Guitar International, on the 1951 Barbero