1947 Hauser Restoration

Pictured here is the restoration of the 1941 Hauser that I sold and we restored for the new owner. This guitar had been horribly “restored” by a few people in the past. The state of the guitar was stable, but barely. This was not entirely evident until we got well into the restoration. The back of the guitar was removed to facilitate undoing the badly done splints and cleats. This was a massive restoration but it was well worth the effort as the photos will attest to. What can not be seen is the sonic improvement the guitar enjoyed. The previous work had compromised the top’s ability to vibrate fully and our work was done to rectify that as much as to make it look better. As a result the guitar, which already was fantastic, was even more so. Please note that the color discrepancy between the “before” and “after” shots are due a point and shoot camera (me, before) and a professional photographer with much superior equipment (after). The actual color of the guitar is far closer to the “after” shots.


Through my studio I am able to offer among the finest restoration services

in the world


For the last several years I have partnered with luthier Karl Franks.  Between the two of us, with our complimentary skills and experience, we have had great success restoring some of the finest examples of celebrated historical makers such as Hauser, Bouchet, Fleta, Ramirez (1890s and 1961) Velazquez, Barbero, Reyes and Rubio among others. Our work always has an eye to conservation and real world considerations. This is to say that we believe our job is bringing an instrument back to the point where it is able to function in an un-compromised state while retaining as much of its original structure and aesthetics as possible. This is often a fine line and is very much on a case by case basis. As a builder of guitars it is my desire that when I am considered a "historical" maker, celebrated or otherwise,  future restorationists will likewise treat my guitars as I treat the guitars of those who came before me.  

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